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Print Pal Ink Cartridges

November 18, 2003 by debbie T | ComputersPrinters

I own an older Epson Sylus Color 600 printer. It has been a workhorse for at least 6 years. I recently decided to order some cheaper ink cartridges from PrintPal and at first, all seemed okay. The only thing I noticed was after it was printed, the page had a strong alcohol smell. And I had to run a cleaning cycle a lot more frequently or the color print would be messy.

Then I noticed my “yellow” ink seemed to be perminantly clogged and would not print correctly. I figured it was probably out of ink since the cleaning cycle wouldn’t repair it. I changed the ink cartridge to a new one from “Print Pal”. Still no fix. All my color prints developed blueish hues to them. And now, the blue seems to be clogged and everything is pinkish. UGH!

I realize that my printer was old, but there was never a problem with printing until I started to use cheaper inks. And mind you, this was only after ONE cartridge. It wasn’t an ongoing situation. In the end, I had to purchase a new printer. Granted, I would have eventually liked to have upgraded, but not just yet.

I have read elsewhere that specifically the Epson printers do not do well with cheap ink. The other printer manufacturers might do better, but I do not think I will ever purchase cheap ink again.

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