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Update on my Epson CX5400

November 30, 2003 by debbie T | ComputersPrinters

Update: I still love my new printer! The print options are great. I used to have to manually print 2 sided pages, but now there is an option. After the first side(s) has printed, a popup box tells you to turn the paper over to print the other side(s).

I also like the borderless print, the ink level indicators, watermarks, multipage print, reduce/enlarge/rotate settings, and print preview. Of course there are Quality settings, along with Paper options.

I haven’t had a real chance to check how fast the ink will run out, but the quality of print is outstanding. And I love that there are 4 separate inks. Black, Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta. Easy to refill when only one color ink is out! And the colored inks were much less than the HP All-in-One that I checked out earlier.

I haven’t had the opportunity to scan anything yet, but the copier is wonderful. Fast and very good copies. There is an option for a black/white or color copy.

I love my Epson CX5400! But I suppose next to my 6+ year old ancient Epson Stylus 600, anything built in this century would be acceptable! *smile*

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