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MySql on Mac – Lessons Learned

November 18, 2005 by debbie T | ApacheMac Software

My problems started last week when I wanted to install phpMyAdmin locally on Mac OS X Tiger. It was not allowing me to install and displayed an error that the MySQL version was out of date.

I thought the installation of MySQL 4.1 went smoothly, but I found out later (from several sources,) that MySQL version 4.1 was not the best version to install and that a prior version of 4.0 will be more compatible with certain software. This was the reason why I was having a problem installing phpMyAdmin.

Here is a web page I found on the subject: phpMyAdmin Broken in Tiger

There were no databases to backup, so I proceeded to remove the directories for MySQL.

I tried to install the 4.0 version of MySQL but the installer package displayed an error message “You cannot continue. There is nothing to install” and would not let me install the package.

I re-installed MySQL version 4.1, and that installer caused no errors. To remove this installation, I used the cleanup script from Entropy.ch. I assumed it worked properly, so I tried installing the 4.0 package, but the error message popped up again.

I ran the cleanup script again, and the list of files displayed as “file not found.” Let’s try the 4.0 install package one more time. It worked! It worked! Finally!

So, now that MySQL is installed properly (I hope), I can move forward to the next steps to configuration. Here are some helpful sites which explain in detail how to configure MySQL as well as Apache and PHP for the Mac:

* creativebits.org-Test Drive Dynamic Websites Locally
* Mac Zealots – Installing WordPress on Tiger
* Apache Web Serving with OS X
* Installing a Wiki on your iBook
* Security and MySQL
* Removing MySQL and Starting Over

Now I am off to configure MySQL and install some tasty programs locally!

There are 2 comments

  1. Be sure to download CocoaMySQL


    It’s a great free tool for connecting to and maniuplating MySQL databases.

    Comment by Miraz Jordan on November 18th, 2005
  2. Oh yes, I have heard of this tool. I will take a look! Thank you!

    Comment by debbieT on November 21st, 2005