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Textpattern Helpful Links

January 21, 2006 by debbie T | Textpattern

For the past few weeks, I have been collecting several helpful links for learning more about Textpattern:

* The first place to start after a new install: Now What?
* Kusor.com – Textpattern tags
* Wion Design – Understanding Textpattern Building Blocks – Excellent article on dynamic vs static web site content.
* danboe.net – Sections & Page Templates and Textpattern Form Templates
* How do I use Custom Fields
* Common How To Questions
* Textpattern Semantics at JDueck.net
* Show a list of related articles
* Make an archive page
* More control over article markup – turning off textile
* Reuse html (snippets)
* Creating static pages
* Show excerpt in article link and full text on individual page
* Different layout for individual article page
* Archive lists tag examples
* Using PHP with Textpattern
* Replicating an existing site
* How to parse txp tags in php includes

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