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WordPress vs Textpattern AGAIN!

February 5, 2006 by debbie T | TextpatternWordPress

I had full intentions of using Textpattern as the CMS software choice for a site I am redesigning. I tried over and over to get motivated to learn the Textpattern template and forms system, but I kept falling short. I was procrastinating more than I usually do, and I felt guilty. The web site should have been up weeks ago, but I just wasn’t feeling the spark to learn Textpattern. It was beginning to feel like too much work to mold it to fit my needs.

I wanted easy to edit templates that I could maintain off site with my own code editor. I figured that maybe using php includes would be the answer, but it just seemed like too much work, and I was still researching and finding myself no closer to finishing.

I admitted my doubts to a friend the other day, and I came to the realization that I like to learn new things, but sometimes, I just want to relax and enjoy what I already know. I think I am starting to show my age. LOL

I really hate giving up, but I just don’t think Textpattern is going to work out for this particular website, even though I had such high hopes.

So, I have now begun my trek into learning more about WordPress. It’s an easy journey, since I am already comfortable with the admin area, and I love that the template tags are php based.

The reason for not initially considering WP for this project was because I felt it it didn’t offer the customization I needed. I now realize that I can have one template for my main page, and a second template for single article pages. In fact, templates can be created for various sections of a site, if needed.

I also came to the conclusion that Pages (not posts) are the answer I was needed for a custom Table of Contents. Links to Pages can be sorted by the numerical value you assign. I am also intrigued with sub-pages.

The only drawback is that every time a Page is created, the .htaccess file must be edited. I have two choices, I can change the permissions to my .htaccess file to allow WP to write changes, or I can edit the .htaccess file myself each time. But other than that, I feel like WP will be a great choice for my redesign.

Similar to how I feel about Mac OS X, working in WordPress just feels natural. Big thanks to my friend Lisa from Cafe Lisa for all her advice and help.

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  1. Hi, I have been learnig TXP for a while now and whilst searching the internet for the second week in a row I have found my way to to your site. Now I seem to be in the EXACT same place as you were when you wrote this. Due to the CSS design of my site i have installed both wordpress and Textpattern.

    WordPress was easy to setup and worked quite quickly. I easily add static pages (my site isnt a blog) and the best part is i can add my pages easily to a Hierarchical menu, just by chosing the parent on the right hand side. It seems so easy.

    So why have I completely discarded WP and spent a whole week solidly (usually till the early hours) trying to make Textpattern work. It seems that once I got past the initial template setup and static page/link setup I faced more problems with page structures, and nested menus.

    Why is it that everyone loves TXP so much?

    As you can tell its frustrating me and theres no-one i know to ask about it so i was hoping you could give me a few pointer rgarding what i should do? 😀



    Comment by Alex on November 9th, 2007
  2. Hello Alfie,

    Have you tried the Textpattern discussion and help forum? I know they are a bunch of great people over there, and that is probably why I kept wanting to make Txp work so badly.

    I haven’t worked with Txp for quite a long time, so I am sorry I don’t have much advice. It is still a great CMS, and I wish you lots of luck if you keep trying. You never know, something might click and you might fall in love. If not, then WP is no slouch.

    Have fun!

    Comment by debbieT on November 9th, 2007