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Thunderbird Security

February 23, 2006 by debbie T | Thunderbird Email

I recently updated Thunderbird to version 1.5 and it includes a whole lot more security features.

I have always set Thunderbird to “Block loading of remote images” but it appears that a new feature to check for email scams is in place as well. Occasionally, I will receive an email that will prompt Thunderbird to display a little button to choose “this is not a scam.”

Today I found another security benefit for the Email Scam feature. I belong to a Designers email groups and occasionally I will help with a site check. The URL listed in the message was an IP address, and when clicked, Thunderbird displayed a window alerting me that someone may be trying to impersonate the web page I want to visit and do I really want to visit that link.

I think this is a great anti-phishing feature for newbies as well as more experienced Internet users, since we all need a little help sometimes.

Some additional benefits:

* Thunderbird is multi-platform: Mac, Linux, and Windows. When I converted from Windows to Mac, it was extremely easy to port over my mail.
* I can set how quickly (or slowly) Thunderbird will display a message as “read” – in Apple Mail, it irritates me that as soon as I click on a message, it displays as “read.”
* Thunderbird offers five label colors for message organization. Mail doesn’t offer this, and it’s one of the reasons I prefer Thunderbird.

I have been using Thunderbird for years, and although it has aggravated me on certain occasions (what software hasn’t?) I have not found any mail app that works as well for me.

There are 2 comments

  1. I switched to mail.app about a year ago. Mostly I wanted Spotlight indexing. And don’t get me wrong, that’s nice enough. But I miss the ability to do simple things like include bulleted/numbered lists in my email messages, and I miss the fact that the Tbird mail was stored in nice, cross-compatible RFC-2822 mboxes.

    As I write this, after a fair trial of a year, I’m in the act of switching back. (Which is how I came across this blog…) After looking around and firing up the options, it seems clear to me that Thunderbird is basically the best email app you can get, right now.

    Comment by eric on December 31st, 2006
  2. I know what you mean about Spotlight. It is a little annoying that Spotlight doesn’t index Thunderbird mail…but the good news is Thunderbird has great search abilities.

    I can’t wait for Thunderbird 2! I am psyched for tagging!! Whoo hoo!

    Thanks for your comments, Eric! And good luck with your journey back to Thunderbird mail!

    Comment by debbieT on December 31st, 2006