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Search – Google vs Windows Live

July 29, 2006 by debbie T | InternetRamblings

To retain my Amazon 1.57% discount, I am occasionally forced to use the A9 search tool bar to search, but for most searching, I rely on the reliable results of google.

After silently comparing several instances of A9 Windows Live results with Google, this morning I have come to a final conclusion. Windows Live really sucks as a search engine. Ooh I am sure that is a big surprise, right?

Today I needed to know how much it cost to mail a postcard, so I figured A9 (Windows Live) surely would be able to handle that simple task. Nope. The search phrase “cost to mail a postcard” displaced useless spammy results in A9, while google displayed the US Postal rate calculator page, where I quickly found my answer of $0.24 as the current rate.

Thanks for nothing Windows Live! Geez!

There are 5 comments

  1. Interesting … I have never even tried Windows Live. It sort of passed me by 😉 – was only vaguely aware of it.
    I’m not surprised that Google is good – but I am surprised that the Windows search engine should be so bad. You’d think they have enough money to sling at this sort of thing. But I guess money isn’t everything … a good helping of brains and talent sure helps 😀 😀

    Comment by Britta on August 7th, 2006
  2. Google rulz man!

    Comment by rik on September 12th, 2006
  3. Google is

    ==> my Home Page

    ==> my window to the internet

    ==> my life

    Comment by rik on September 12th, 2006
  4. Since search isn’t Microsoft’s main concern, hence the quote by Bill Gates “its the operating system stupid”, I can see why Google is so much better than Microsoft. Search is Google’s heart, if not for that then Google would be just another portal, like LookSmart or Miva. If Microsoft indeed wanted to beat Google, they would have to focus more of their attention on search, not advertising like they have been doing.

    Comment by bill gates on September 12th, 2006
  5. I inquire that google stays alive when microsoft shall sink down to the core of the earth. People need google to search correctly. See, I search for a fox on Microsoft Live Search and I get naked ladies, though when I search fox on google, I get what I was searching for; a fox.

    Comment by Peter on September 27th, 2006