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Thunderbird – Adding a New Address Book

August 13, 2006 by debbie T | Mac SoftwareThunderbird Email

Since I switched to the Mac last summer, one frustration was working with Address books in the Thunderbird mail app.

My Windows address book(s) did not convert when I switched, and it wasn’t obvious how to better organize with new and separate address books. The default install included “Personal Address Book” and “Collected Addresses” but I wanted more. I tried right-clicking and looking at the toolbar buttons, but I just couldn’t find the answer.

Yes, after a full year of torture, I finally searched and found the answer today.

While in the Address Book window, choose File>New>Address Book

If it were a snake, it would have bit me!

Thunderbird Using the Address Book – MozillaWiki

There are 6 comments

  1. THANK YOU. This was causing me quite a bit of angst. Finally decided to look the solution up on google and this entry came up as the first result. Now I’m a happy camper with contact organisation!

    Comment by Niniel on November 29th, 2006
  2. Glad it helped!


    Comment by debbieT on November 29th, 2006
  3. Thanks, it helped me really very much !

    Comment by lbl on December 6th, 2006
  4. Thanks!! It’s amazing how difficult it is to get straight info on address books!

    your advice saved my day!

    Comment by Martha on July 4th, 2007
  5. Thanks for posting. I was wondering the same thing and like you didn’t notice that there where sub menus to the New menu. After looking through Thunderbird’s website I came up empty and did Google search. Its just faster to Google it in the first place. I’ve only used Thunderbird a few days now so thanks to your post I didn’t have to weight long! 🙂 Thanks again.

    Comment by Roger on January 3rd, 2012
  6. Roger, thank you for your comment.

    It’s nice to know that it’s still a valid solution after all these years!!!

    Comment by debbie T on January 18th, 2012