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New Amazon Unbox

September 10, 2006 by debbie T | InternetMac CornerPodcasting

The other day I heard about “Unbox“, the new Amazon movie download service, and was a little disappointed to hear that they are not supporting Macs or iPods. Sounds kind of stupid to me, especially since Apple is strongly rumored to be announcing their own movie download service (coming possibly this Tuesday the 12th)

And now, Tom from the Buzz Out Loud podcast spoke about his disturbing experience with the Unbox software that’s required before you can use the service. Besides the sneaky spyware tendencies, it forces you to sign into your account (online) before you can even uninstall the software. Listen to the 09/08/06 podcast for more details. Also read his official review at CNet.

Now, I love Amazon, but this sounds like crappy business practices to me!

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