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March 10, 2007 by debbie T | Ramblings

Gee, it has been a LOOONG time since Splash of Style has been updated.

I have a semi-legit excuse. In August, 2006, we decided it was time to look for a new home. We were extremely blessed and lucky because on November 1, our old home was sold, and we purchased another. In between packing, moving, unpacking, and settling into the new surroundings, there was little time for Splash of Style entries. Or maybe I just wasn’t motivated.

After the move, I found a new love….cooking. I always thought I hated cooking, but it turns out, all I needed was a comfortable kitchen. A whole new culinary life has been found! And would you believe I don’t even mind doing the dishes.

So, while part of me is learning new delicious uses for All-clad, Calphalon and Staub, I will try to make time for my technology love too.

Sorry I stayed away so long!

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  1. Yeah! I was beginning to wonder what happened. Congratulations on the new house.


    Comment by Steve on March 10th, 2007
  2. Steeeevve! Thank you!

    I am truly missing my Mac podcasts, and I am insanely behind in all of them. I do keep up with downloading them, but alas since I also changed my job, my day is different, so I am not able to listen to my iPod for endless hours a day like before.

    I feel disconnected!

    Thank you for commenting!

    Comment by debbieT on March 10th, 2007