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Upgrade to Firefox 2 – SessionSaver Extension

June 9, 2007 by debbie T | Firefox BrowserMac Software

I finally felt confident to upgrade my Mac PowerBook to Firefox 2 (version to be exact) and it did seem to go smoothly.

Before the upgrade, I moved my 1.5 app file into a new sub-folder in the Applications folder (Mac OS X users only) just in case I needed to revert.

After the upgrade, I found one issue (besides the funky keyboard shortcut issue with WordPress 2 – see my other article) with the SessionSaver extension. I couldn’t find my list of “SnapBack Tab” recently deleted tabs. Normally it is found under the Tools menu.

I am lost without the Snapback Tab feature, as I frequently close tabs and realize that I need to view them again. Yes, I can use the Undo Closed Tab option, but I prefer the Snapback Tab feature much more.

I tried launching Firefox 1.5 instead, and still no luck finding it. I think there might have even been a notice in Firefox 1.5 that the newly updated version of SessionSaver wouldn’t run in this older version.

I closed all instances of Firefox and found the extensions folder that was backed up prior to the upgrade. I replaced the folder in my Firefox profile folder, then re-launched Firefox 1.5. Checking the Tools menu, yep, there it was.

Okay, now close Firefox 1.5, and launch Firefox 2. Go through the process of upgrading extensions again, then view the Tools menu. Not there.

I checked SessionSaver preferences, and the checkbox next to “Allow me to reopen tabs” was checked.

The solution was to UNcheck the box, click OK, then go back into Preferences, and check it again. That worked, and my precious Snapback Tab was back in the the Tools menu!

If you haven’t used the SessionSaver extension yet, try it. I love it!

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