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WordPress 2 Keyboard Shortcuts Using Firefox 2

June 9, 2007 by debbie T | Firefox BrowserMac SoftwareWordPress

I recently upgraded to Firefox 2 on my Mac PowerBook. All seemed well, but I did keep an instance of Firefox 1.5 in my Applications folder just in case.

When posting in WordPress 2 using the simple text editor, I had been utilizing keyboard shortcuts for various html codes, such as the <a>anchor link</a> – which was Ctrl+Command+a.

Since upgrading to Firefox 2, the keyboard shortcuts did not work. They did work normally in Safari.

I searched online for answers, but no one else seemed to be having this issue. Finally, by trial and error, I realized that the keyboard shortcut was now fn+ctrl+a. I have no idea why it changed, but I am glad to have this feature again!

There are 3 comments

  1. Thanks – you’re 2nd on Google for “WordPress keyboard shortcuts mac.” Driving me nuts too – glad you stumbled upon it.

    Comment by Justin on September 6th, 2007
  2. Hey thanks for commenting, Justin!

    Comment by debbieT on September 6th, 2007
  3. Thank you! I’ve just traded my PC laptop for a MacBook and this post saved my sanity. 🙂 I don’t know what I’d do without my shortcuts. Great post and very helpful!

    Comment by Brian on May 17th, 2008