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Uploading Photos to PicasaWeb Using Picasa 2

August 21, 2007 by debbie T | Digital PhotographyPicasa 2

Picasa 2 (from Google) is a simple to use photo organizer and editor for Windows. This tutorial assumes you have already downloaded and installed Picasa 2 on your Windows computer.

When Picasa 2 launches for the first time, it will scan your hard drive to find all image files. This will take several minutes depending on how fast your processor is, and how many photo files it finds.

Picasa 2 organizes the photos into separate albums based on the name of the folder the photos were found in.

Once your photos are organized in Picasa 2, it is possible to upload to Picasaweb directly from the Picasa interface.

Once your photos are uploaded to PicasaWeb, it is easy to:

To obtain a PicasaWeb account, all you need is a google gmail email account. Once you have a gmail account, log in, then go to PicasaWeb, read & accept the User Agreement, and launch Picasa 2.

accept the terms at picasaweb

Are you ready to get started?

Upload a Photo to PicasaWeb Albums

Back in the Picasa 2 workspace, you will notice a little green upward arrow on the photo(s) you uploaded. This is a great way to track which photos have been uploaded so you will not upload a duplicate.
which photos have been uploaded

The next time you launch Picasa 2, you still should be logged into your account, making it easy to upload new photo files.

At the top right corner in Picasa’s workspace, your PicasaWeb log in information is displayed. Links to sign out (or sign in) and access your online PicasaWeb account are also displayed.

Have fun!

There are 10 comments

  1. i need to attach my photos

    Comment by subhakar on February 15th, 2008
  2. Attach to what? An email? If so, then just click the “email” button found next to the Web Album. See the 2nd screen shot above.

    Comment by debbieT on February 15th, 2008
  3. Help!!!

    when I go to upload a picture from my scanner it does not have a scanner option

    Comment by hitomi on March 27th, 2008
  4. This tutorial does not cover scanning. I am sorry I don’t have any information on this. You might want to use the software that was included with your scanner.

    Good luck!

    Comment by debbieT on March 27th, 2008
  5. I love the Picasa2 program. It makes even a bad picture good but I am wondering why you dropped the use of emailing out my pictures. Are you changing to a new email service or is this feature going to not be available in the future? I would have to change to another service if the mailing of my photos through Picasa2 is no longer available.

    Comment by Jack Mc Guire on August 4th, 2008
  6. Jack, you will probably need to contact google about this. They are the ones in charge of Picasa, not me. I am someone who just wrote a few tutorials on how to use it.

    Here are their help pages on emailing photos.

    Good luck!

    Comment by debbieT on August 4th, 2008
  7. I “starred” some photos to send in an email. That went fine. However, now when I try to remove the star or when I move one starred photo to the tray and click on the star it removes the entire photo from that file! What am I doing wrong. I need to remove stars from an entire file. Please help! Thank you!

    Cindy James

    Comment by Cynthia James on August 11th, 2008
  8. I am not sure what you mean by “entire file” – do you mean folder?

    Did you look on your hard drive in “My Pictures” to see if they were still there. I can’t imagine that they would be removed from your harddrive.

    I don’t use Picasa on a regular basis, so I don’t even know what “stars” are and how they affect photos. LOL

    I just wrote these tutorials specifically for my dad…

    We are just about to leave on vacation, but if I have time when I get back I will try to see if I can replicate your problem and find a fix.

    In the meantime, check out the help files for Picasa. there might be answers there. Post back if you find the answer!

    Take care!

    Comment by debbie T on August 15th, 2008
  9. When I updated my Picasa2 to Picasa3 I lost ALL my photos and albums!! Only have one set of photos left. Cannot find them ANYWHERE!! help!

    Comment by Christine Edmonds on December 17th, 2008
  10. Have you tried using windows “search” to find all your photos. I can’t imagine that Picasa deleted them.

    Good luck, I hope you find them!

    Comment by debbie T on December 18th, 2008