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Where are Firefox Plugins Installed

August 21, 2007 by debbie T | Firefox BrowserMac Software

This was driving me crazy. I couldn’t find any information or preference/setting on the plugins used in Firefox, specifically the Flash plugin. How could I tell which version was installed on my system.

After googling, I finally found this page.

To view the list of plugins and their versions, type “about:plugins” (minus the quote marks) into the address bar in Firefox.

Hmm, now I just found this article and it states that plugins are supposed to be installed in the “Internet Plug-ins” folder found in the Library. That folder is empty on my system!

Ha! I found ’em! I was looking in my own Library! Take a look at the main Library folder (Macintosh HD) and they are all there! And in case you didn’t realize, the Internet Plugins folder is accessible to all browsers, so Safari will use these plugin files as well, and I assume Opera would too.

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