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New Battery For MacBook Pro

April 1, 2008 by debbie T | Mac Corner


I finally called Applecare about my battery woes.

The capacity was down to 2642 (48%) and I was having issues with my screen freezing every time I was on battery power. (Happened three times while browsing in Firefox) My screen would freeze, no mouse or keyboard. The only way out was to hit the shutdown button.

I called Applecare, and they checked my capacity and battery cycle loads (in About This Mac) and she agreed that it needed to be replaced.


It will be a refurbished battery, but hopefully it will work better. If not, I will call again.

She took credit card info to ensure the battery would be returned (w/in 10 days) and she said I should have the new battery on Thursday.

UPDATE: (2008-04-04) Got my battery yesterday – started with a charge of about 40% (and 100% capacity @ 5563 mAh). Charged it up last night and now it is @ 5521 mAh capacity.

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