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Aftermarket Camera Batteries

April 4, 2008 by debbie T | Digital Photography

I have been reading up on aftermarket vs “brand” batteries, and found some interesting information.

First I found a wonderful thread on the Canon Digital Photography Forum and on page 17, a link was posted to a conversation over on dpreviews.

I never really thought about mAh ratings for batteries. I just assumed that the larger the number, the longer the battery will last. Well it appears that it is all just an inflated marketing ploy by battery sellers to persuade you to think you are getting a better product than “brand”.

It is refreshing to find a newer company called Diamond Back Battery that changed their sales and marketing practices. They are now listing mAh ratings truthfully.

Read the company’g blog entry on this course of action. While you are there, take a look around and you might even find a discount coupon!

I think it it so cool that a DPReview discussion influenced and changed the way a new company is doing business. That is awesome!!!

Update: I ordered a battery for my Canon XTi from Diamond Back. It’s been months, and the battery is running strong. I would definitely recommend them!

UPDATE (2009-06-3): It’s over a year later, and unfortunately the battery has lost it’s mojo. It won’t hold a charge. I charge it fully, and within a day or two, it’s down to a half charge. My Canon OEM battery is still working very well, but hey Canon charges $50 for a replacement. I only paid $11 for Diamondback battery, so I don’t think a year of strong use is that bad. So, yes, I still recommend them!

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