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Automountd Trying to Connect to Backups.backupdb

August 9, 2008 by debbie T | ComputersInternetMac CornerMac Software

I just bought a new 1TB external hard drive yesterday, and my Chronosync backups were still working last night to sync all my files from various hard drives to backups on the new drive.

This morning I noticed a Little Snitch (gotta love this app!) requesting to allow “Automountd” to connect to “Backups.backupdb”

I recognized Backups.backupdb as the location of Leopard’s Time Machine backup, but I was unsure why automountd wanted to connect to the Internet; besides Time Machine is not configured to auto backup. I always click the Time Machine icon in my menu bar for manual backups AND the drive I do use for backups was definitely attached to my Mac overnight.

So I googled “automountd” and found this article.

He received the very same message from Little Snitch. In the article he explains in plain English what is going on. Even though the first time I read it, I was a bit muddled, but when I read it again, I think I understand the answer to the problem, but I still don’t know why automountd was trying to connect in the first place, especially since Time Machine is not set to auto backup.

In the article, another article was referenced. That might contain the answers to automountd, but seriously, I don’t have the time right now to read it. So, I will list the article for future reading reference:

I ended up denying access (until quit) in Little Snitch, and there appears to be no impact on Time Machine’s backup ability. I manually started the backup and it did take a very long time to start the tiny backup (a few mb) but when it was finished, the files looked okay.

I will keep an eye on it.

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  1. Thanks much for posting this. I was scratching my noggin about Backups.backupdb.

    Comment by Jon D on September 5th, 2009
  2. Little Snitch Alert when starting iPhoto: “automountd” wants to connect to on UDP Port 111 (sunrpc)

    IP Address:

    Established by: /usr/libexec/automountd

    User: root (UID: 0)

    Process ID: 6304

    It is kind on annoying that iPhoto is phoning home or trying to connect who knows where. Bad Apple! Baaad!

    Comment by Tommy Lee on May 24th, 2011