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Photoshop Elements 6 Mac – Save For Web Not Working

September 22, 2008 by debbie T | Digital PhotographyMac SoftwarePhotoshop

I don’t normally use the “save for web” option in Photoshop Elements, but tonight I wanted to. Click, click, click, I was choosing “File>Save for Web” and nothing would happen.

Google to the rescue. Found this helpful post on Adobe’s forum

I run as a standard, non-admin user so it appears that the Save for Web option is a little buggy for non-admin users.

The thing to do is launch Photoshop Elements in your Admin user account and run the Save for Web option at least once. Then log back into your standard, non-admin account and it should work from then on.

Worked for me! whoo-hooo!

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  1. Worked for med to. Yiippii

    Comment by Irmelin on March 12th, 2009