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New iPod Touch yay

October 3, 2008 by debbie T | iTunes & iPhone

My dear sweet husband brought home a 32gb iPod Touch last weekend for me. I was thrilled. I downloaded a bunch of free apps, and loaded up my podcasts (video and audio) and I even paid .99 to purchase the cool koi pond app.

I was really thrilled about the 2g iPod Touch because of the built in speakers, but those turned out to be a drag for listening to podcasts or audio unless the room is very quiet. Not so great for the car or work. It’s great for games though.

I am not thrilled w/ the keyboard, and I am hoping I just need to get used to it. My fingers are not large, but it is so easy to hit the wrong key. I tried all day to gain access to our home’s WPA wifi network, and finally, I had to change our WPA passkey to something w/ no capital letters. No matter what I did, it would not accept my passkey. I also wish there was an option to “view” password instead of hiding it, so I could see if I was typing it correctly.

I don’t know if I will be doing much typing on it. I think it could be cool for browsing and reading though.

The screen rocks! I love it. And my photos look wonderful on it, although it took me a bit to figure out how to change from portrait to landscape view. I was holding the iTouch flat instead of upward. Once it’s held upward, changing to landscape view is quick.

I love it, and am very happy that I have one now…and the 32gb was a nice surprise. I would have been happy w/ an 8 or 16gb, but the 32gb will be awesome! Can’t wait to mess around more w/ the cool games and apps.

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  1. hey that actually sounds like a very good review to say the least..it kind of sucks that i need to change my WPA network password..i don’t like that much of a hassle..but what i would like to know and since you’re here and i’m here, how long is the battery life and is there any crappy bugs besides the keypad..i know how it feels..i tried it at the mac shop and i was about to curse the ipod touch with some chinese expletives.

    Comment by stereomanic on October 15th, 2008
  2. Hello Stereomanic! Thanks for posting.

    You might not have to change your WPA passkey. I just had a really hard time typing it in. I wish there was an option to “show password” like in Mac OS X, it would make it easier to see where my error was.

    As for the battery, it is terrific if I am listening to audio files (music, podcasts)- it will last for days!!!! Probably at least a week.

    But I have found the battery drains pretty quickly if I am playing games. If I were to guess, I think I might get about 2-3 hours if I am playing one of my fave games.

    I shut off the wifi to give me extra time, and I don’t know if it helps much.

    I also just heard about turning off “ask to join new networks” – I thought that was a bad thing to turn off, meaning that it would just auto join everything instead of asking. I am going to leave wifi on, and turn that setting off instead. I’ll see how it goes.

    But browsing the web takes some battery life too, but it doesn’t seem to be as bad as the games.

    I am playing Solitaire City Deluxe and also Shanghai Mahjang.

    Comment by debbie T on October 15th, 2008