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Aperture 2 Projects Import and Export

October 24, 2008 by debbie T | Aperture 2Art and GraphicsDigital PhotographyMac Software

I tried a quick experiment tonight with Aperture 2. I wanted to see how Aperture’s project import and export worked and if photos would be duplicated if the same project was imported.

  1. First, I exported a small project from my Aperture 2 library.
  2. I launched a new test Aperture library and imported the project.
  3. I checked to make sure that it was imported into the Aperture library, and not referenced. All looked good.
  4. Back to my original library, I made some editing adjustments to one photo in the project, then exported the project as a new name.
  5. Launched my test library and imported the 2nd project. It imported as a brand new project, with no notations of duplicated data.
  6. I thought maybe it was due to the different project name, so I went back to my main library, and exported the project as the original name.
  7. In my test library, I imported the 3rd project, and it added it as a new project with (1) in the project name, again with no indication of duplicated files.

So, this means that if you like to work on projects on different computers, you will have to be careful with importing. I was sort of expecting (hoping) Aperture would “merge” the two projects together, updating any editing adjustments or meta data to all the files, instead of creating a new project all together.

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