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Attaching an Image File in Gmail Message

November 20, 2008 by debbie T | ComputersInternet

Tutorial written for my Dad, but if others find it helpful, that’s a bonus!!! My Dad uses Windows XP, and that is the OS the tutorial references.

Let’s start by launching Gmail with Firefox (or with whatever browser you use to access the Internet.)

Compose New Mail Message

Click the Compose Mail link to create a new mail message.


Type the recipient, subject, and body as you would any other mail message.

Attach a File

Click the Attach a File link, found under the Subject text field.


Browse to File

Next, a window opens asking you to Choose file.

You will need to browse to the file saved on your hard drive. You can use the side bar with icons for "My Documents" (1) or you can click the arrow to "Look in" (2) a specific folder.

It might be easier to start with My Documents, then double-click on the My Pictures folder; then double-click to navigate to the specific sub-folder where the image file is saved.


Once you find where the file is saved, click on it once (3) to select it. The file name will also appear in the "File Name" (4) box. (Note: My screenshot doesn’t show it, but the file name will indeed appear in the file name box. I didn’t have time to make a new screenshot, so it will have to do!)

Once the file is selected, click the "Open" button.

File is Attached

Once the file is attached, you will see it on the message page in Gmail.


That’s it! All that is left to do is hit the Send button!

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