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Windows Joy

January 15, 2009 by debbie T | Mac SoftwareWindows on the Mac

Well my Macbook Pro finally came home last Friday afternoon. Gawd, I missed that machine.

Anyway, I was planning on reinstalling Mac OS X and starting “from scratch” but decided I just didn’t want to fiddle with the bother of a new installation, so I restored my Super Duper bootable backup. So much easier.

So, what does all this have to do with Windows? I am getting to that. I treated myself to a copy of Vmware Fusion so I was excited to install my copy of Windows XP. It was fairly easy and fast to install Windows XP in Fusion.

wow! What a difference from Bootcamp! I love that I don’t have to keep restarting to move back and forth from Mac OS X to Windows. It actually made using Windows more enjoyable!! Can you believe it!

Since I heard SimCity was released for the iPhone/iPod, I have been dying to play my old Sim games. So I installed the old SimTower and SimCity 2000 – both worked wonderfully in Fusion. So exciting!

I decided not to run any Anti-virus or malware protection software in Windows. I don’t need to connect to the Internet very often, and when I do, it will mainly be to update Windows. What a dream it is to run Windows without any annoying anti-virus programs!

So now, guess what? As I am writing this, I am downloading the Windows 7 beta. Ha! Talk about crazy!

I am curious to see what older apps will run on it. Especially since the main reason I am running Windows is Microsoft Money (version 2002). It will be interesting.

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