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Installing MS Money 2002 in Windows 7 Beta

January 20, 2009 by debbie T | Windows on the Mac

Yeah, I know I am so very behind the times when it comes to my financial software. I am still using Money 2002. But I like it, and I know with each update, Microsoft keeps adding unnecessary bloat so I stick with this older version.

I was very interested in finding out if it would still install and run on Windows 7, so I installed this morning.

Since I am using Windows 7 in VMware Fusion on my Macbook Pro, I made sure to take a "snapshot" of my virtual machine before any new installations.

I inserted the install CD, and navigated to the Money setup.exe file in the Money directory.

A Funny Warning

And I was surprised to find this warning. How funny! It’s a software product from MICROSOFT, but the publisher is unknown to them. I guess it really is old!


After installation, Money 2002 appeared to be working okay. Time will tell when I actually start to work with real financial data, but so far so good.

I found an article online stating that MS Money was working just fine in Vista, so I don’t anticipate any issues with Windows 7.

There are 4 comments

  1. Thanks for the info. I just received a new computer with Vista Home Premium on it and am going to upgrade to Windows 7 in the near future and was wondering if I could install Money 2002 on the system. The compatibility site for Vista says that an upgrade is needed. Like you, Money 2002 serves my purpose and I see no need to purchase a newer version with all the new bells and wistles which I may never need.

    Comment by M. George on January 21st, 2010
  2. Hey M George. Glad that my post helped. To be honest, I never really did use Windows 7 all that often after I installed the beta. I still use XP on my Mac.

    Hopefully Money 2002 will work okay for you once you upgrade. I figure if it works fine on Vista, then Windows 7 really should be alright too!

    Good luck!

    Comment by debbie T on January 22nd, 2010
  3. I use Money 2002, bur my laptop crashed and I bought a HP desktop with Windows 7. When I loaded Money 2002 and tried to restore my Money file, It the software asked for a password. It would not accept my password and I can’t get pass this glich. I’ve read some posts on the internet that others have experienced the same problem, but I haven’t found the definitive solution. Does anyone have the answer? I would appreciate any help.

    Comment by Phil O on May 21st, 2010
  4. Hey Phil. I am sorry that you are having this issue.

    Is this a new thing, having a password? Was your prior money install password protected? If so, then maybe find a friend that has a laptop running XP and load your file into that computer, change the settings so there is no password, then try again.

    Make sure you delete all the money files including any preferences, etc. on the W7 system so that there are no remaining files.

    And are you using the actual money file? or are you using an exported backup file?

    When I tested on W7 beta, I was using my original money file. I don’t even use the backup generator. I always just backup my full money file directly.

    Hope that helps, Phil. Good luck!

    Comment by debbie T on May 21st, 2010