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Aftermarket Batteries: Update a Year Later

June 3, 2009 by debbie T | Digital Photography

It’s been over a year since I ordered the replacement battery for my Canon XTi from Diamondback Batteries so I figured I would post an update.

How well has the aftermarket Diamondback battery held up against the original OEM Canon battery? I am afraid that it hasn’t held up so well. The Diamondback battery won’t hold a charge anymore; I charge it fully, and by the next day, it’s already half down. My Canon OEM battery is still going strong.

But truthfully, does it really matter that after a year the Diamondback battery isn’t so great? I mean, I only paid $11 for it. Compare that to $50 for a Canon battery, and it’s really not a bad deal.

Diamondback offers a “One Year Hassle Free Replacement Warranty” and I wish I noticed it a couple of months ago instead of 2 months over the warranty. But no biggie. I am going to order another one today. So yes, I do still recommend them!

Make sure to use the discount code for $5 off, it gives you almost free shipping.

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