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WordPress Does Not Remember Login

June 3, 2009 by debbie T | WordPress

I was having trouble with my WordPress admin login using Firefox; I would need to login every time my browser window was closed or I exited Firefox. Strange because one of my other WordPress blogs had no problems.

I cleared Firefox cookies, my cache, passwords, form data! Nothing seemed to work. I tried it on Safari, and same problem. Wouldn’t “remember me” and I would have to log in every time. So, I knew it wasn’t just a Firefox issue.

Then I found this post on the WordPress Support forum.

I had my Settings>General>WordPress Address set for “http://www.splashofstyle.com” with the “www” but whenever I tried to access the blog, (typing the address or from any of my bookmarks) I was using “http://splashofstyle.com” without the “www” – THAT was the problem; it didn’t match the WordPress Address setting, so it made me log in every time.

wordpress settings for web site address

So, now I am consciously including the “www” whenever I access my WordPress Admin and it now remembers me every time. yay!

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