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Zynga & Facebook Mafia Wars – Requires 3rd party cookies

December 6, 2009 by debbie T | Internet
UPDATED 2009-12-12: hmm, I just tried launching Facebook Mafia Wars in Firefox, and it works SORT OF. A lot of the game is blank, don’t know if it’s a Zynga problem or what. The jobs page worked fine, actually it worked awesomely, very speedy! Then in the Businesses page, NoScript threw an error, and even after refreshing, the page didn’t load fully. We’ll see.
UPDATED 2009-12-9: Just read that Safari allows Mafia Wars to play even with 3rd party cookies disabled. I launched Mafia Wars, and it looks to be true. No further cookies were added to my cookie list in Safari. Initially I removed all cookies, so it would start clean. Only .facebook cookies were added to my cookies. It’s also possible to browse in “private browsing” mode. It won’t stop cookies from being added, but it will prevent the cache and history from sticking.

I tried launching Mafia Wars the other day, and was surprised to find this message instead:

zynga facebook mafia wars now requires 3rd party cookies to play the game.

Facebook Mafia Wars now requires 3rd party cookies to run correctly! Wow!

After googling a little, I found that a lot of players are angry and are not going to play until things change back. Well, I don’t think that Zynga cares. They have way plenty of other users that are more than happy to play the game no matter how badly their security is hindered! Zynga is just out to make money and they couldn’t care less about their users.

Check out this article over on mindspray.com, which includes a video from Techcrunch of the Zynga CEO bragging about how many skummy things he has done to make $ from users. Dirtbag!

Here is the full article over at techCrunch.com

So, I am refusing to play Mafia Wars or any other game that requires my security settings to be changed. I also use the Firefox extensions “AdBlock” and “NoScript” for even more protection.

As of now, it looks like only Mafia Wars has this particular restriction, but I am sure more games are on the way to be changed.

Here is a list of all Zynga games:

More games listed on their wikipedia page.

Keep an eye out, if you are playing any of these games. Don’t trust Zynga!

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