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Google Books

February 26, 2009 by debbie T | BooksCSSDigital PhotographyInternetWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentXHTML

I know I knew about this before, but never really looked into it….but Google has a very large collection of books to browse.


Add the books to “Your Library” so you can save them for later. There’s tons of web design, html, css, and photography books available, with links to Amazon & Barnes and Noble. Very cool!

SitePoint – Buy 1 Get 5

February 10, 2009 by debbie T | BooksWeb Design

Buy FIVE pdf books for the price of one $29.95 on SitePoint. 3 days only, all proceeds are going to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

More details here:

My purchases:

Sitepoint Giving Away Free Book

November 20, 2008 by debbie T | BooksCSSWeb Design

It’s a twitaway:

Sitepoint is giving away a free full pdf copy of their book “The Art & Science Of CSS”

On the twitaway page, it states that you can either follow Sitepoint on Twitter or give them your email address to download the book. I followed them on Twitter, but wasn’t sure how the download exactly worked, so I just gave them my email address to get the download.

UPDATE: Okay, I found out how it works on Twitter. They send you the link in a direct mail from Twitter. Cool.

If you go the email route, be aware that they do like to haunt you a little bit afterward, but it’s not too bad. I don’t mind, especially when they are giving away a free book.

But I did receive my download link by email, and it took seconds to download…It looks like an interesting book. Now to find time to actually read it.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

December 31, 2005 by debbie T | BooksInternet

There is an opportunity to receive a free trial to Amazon’s Prime membership.

Google “amazon prime free trial” and there are several forums that are posting information on this. It isn’t offered to everyone, but it is worth a shot if you can get it.

I clicked on the link
and was pleased to be offered a free 3 month trial.

I signed up, placed an order for Rachel Andrew’s The CSS Anthology : 101 Essential Tips, Tricks, and Hacks book and it worked perfectly. I received free 2 day shipping. Granted the order will not be shipped until Tuesday due to the holiday weekend, but I will receive the book on Thursday.

Amazon Wish List Menu

December 31, 2005 by debbie T | BooksInternet

Is this new?

I love adding items to my Amazon Wish Lists, in fact I have 4 different wish lists to categorize my items.

In the past, when I added an item, it would be added to my default list. I wanted to add a new book (Mac OS X Unix 101 Byte-Sized Projects) and I noticed there was a little arrow next to the “Add to Wish List” link. Now I can choose a specific list. NICE!

GarageBand 2 Missing Manual

November 16, 2005 by debbie T | BooksMac Software

I just received my copy of the GarageBand 2 : The Missing Manual from the MacCompanion.com “Switcher Contest” I entered a few weeks ago.

I am a fan of the Missing Manuals and David Pogue, ever since I purchased the Mac OS X Tiger: The Missing Manual.

GarageBand is such complex software, and I admit I have barely even launched the program. I guess I am a little intimated.

The GarageBand Missing Manual is a beautifully published book with full color screen shots and I am looking forward to learning the basics as well as advanced features of GarageBand. Maybe this will be a great time to start my own podcast! yeah, right!

Designing With Web Standards

November 23, 2003 by debbie T | BooksWeb Development

“Designing With Web Standards” by Jeffrey Zeldman is one [computer] book that I couldn’t put down!

My favorite chapters are chapters 7, 8, & 10. I thought I knew a few things about standards, but this book opened a whole new world for me. It truly is one of the most thought-provoking web design books!

This book is not for someone who does not understand general html and css coding. I do recommend it to anyone who wants to expand on their html knowledge. You will learn to code Web pages that are trim, organized, and standards complient. And it is easier than you think! No need to read every word in every chapter, you can benefit from learning just what you need to know. Skip around. It works!

This is not a “reference” book per say….Yes, you could probably find all the info in the book on different Web sites somewhere online, but this book puts it into a nice neat package for you. You can unwrap it and enjoy it right away without searching for the answers. And Jeffrey explains it in plain English!

Jeffrey has a great writing style. If you are not familiar with him, please check out http://www.zeldman.com/ along with http://www.alistapart.com/ and http://www.webstandards.org/.

If you didn’t realize it by now, I really love this book. Very much.

CSS – The Definitive Guide

November 23, 2003 by debbie T | BooksCSSWeb Development

The book Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide by Eric Meyer is a bit older (published in 2000) but the content still stands up today. This is an excellent guide to learning the in’s and out’s of css. Everything in CSS 1 (and a fair amount of CSS2) is included with detailed explanations and examples.

It can be read chronologically or in bits and pieces learning only the areas you are interested in. I highly recommend this book!