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Firefox Cheat Sheet

June 20, 2006 by debbie T | Firefox Browser

Found this on digg.comthis morning.

This cheat sheet for Firefox will be very handy.

Firefox Flicks

April 11, 2006 by debbie T | Art and GraphicsFirefox Browser

Have you checked out Firefox Flicks? Awesome ads made by Firefox fans! There are only three ads, but I hope more are coming. Very clever!! My favorite is the Double Click Relief.

iTunes and My Mom

March 17, 2006 by debbie T | Firefox BrowserInternetMac Software

Well now that my Mom is on a high speed cable connection, I thought it was time to introduce her to iTunes.

Yesterday, I installed the iTunes application, and configured the preferences.

Then I proceeded to explain to her a little bit about podcasts, and how iTunes can be used to organize all her CDs.

I added a subscription to the Pray As You Go podcast; I showed her where the “update” button was, and when she clicked, it would download any new audio files for that podcast.

Next, I explained that iTunes could organize all her CDs, and I showed her how to import a CD. I showed her how to drag ‘n drop her favorite songs into a playlist.

I installed the FoxyTunes extension for Firefox, and found a skin with larger buttons. So now when she is browsing on her new speedy Internet connection, she can launch and control iTunes right in Firefox.

In the past, she had commented so many times that she always forgets to play her CDs while she is working on the computer. Now with all her CDs organized in iTunes, I think she will be able to play her favorite songs without too much trouble.

Today she called me and said “Guess what I am doing” Yep, she was importing a double CD from Barbara Streisand into iTunes and listening to her music! Mom, if you are reading this, I love you, and keep listening!

Starting Firefox in Safemode

March 3, 2006 by debbie T | Firefox Browser

I was reminded today that Firefox can be started in safemode.


Firefox Superbrowser

February 27, 2006 by debbie T | Firefox Browser

Behold, the Firefox Superbrowser: http://splasho.com/blog/2006/02/26/the-superbrowser/ with 100 extensions.

How to Block Fasterfox Extension

February 18, 2006 by debbie T | Firefox Browser

If your web hosting account is low on bandwidth, you might want to consider blocking use of the Firefox extension called Fasterfox. By adding a blurb to your robots.txt file, you can block this extension.


Be sure to read all the comments from both the above articles; it gets very interesting.

Apple’s Web site Through the Years

January 12, 2006 by debbie T | Firefox BrowserMac CornerWeb Design

What a cool page – Apple’s web site through the years. Check it out in slide-show mode.


Also, check out http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.apple.com for their archive. (Some of the image files are missing though.)

And speaking of Apple’s web site, I have always loved their web site, but since this last re-design, they are embedding Quicktime, and Firefox 1.5 is having a terrible time with it. In fact, FF 1.5 has a problem with any web page with embedded Quicktime lately. Don’t know if it is just on the Mac, or if Windows users are having a problem too.

Firefox Dictionary Search Extension

November 18, 2005 by debbie T | Firefox Browser

I love the Dictionary Search (DictionarySearch) extension for Firefox.

* Download version 0.9.3 for Firefox 1
* Download version 1.5 for Firefox 1.5

Once it is installed, it is easy to find definitions for any text on a web page. Next time you are curious about a word or phrase, highlight the text, right-click and choose “Search Dictionary for “xxxx” from the context menu. A new tab/window will launch the definition page for the chosen word.

The power of Dictionary Search is in its ability to customize it for your own individual needs. I didn’t particularly like the default url that Dictionary Search was using to search for definitions, so I changed it.

In the Extensions Manager, (Tools>Extensions) select DictionarySearch and at the bottom of the manager, choose the Options button.

Search options for reference.com and wikipedia

Here you will find options for specifying up to four separate choices for searches. As you can see from my screen shot, I chose http://dictionary.reference.com, http://thesaurus.reference.com and http://en.wikipedia.org as my choices.

When altering the urls, make sure to paste in the exact results url for that particular site. For example, when searching for the word “colorful” at Thesaurus.com the results url is:


So, the url typed into options would be


Don’t forget to include the $ at the end of the url.

Each search url will be added to the context menu. (note: The text typed in text box will display in the context menu. Make sure to also include the $ symbol.)

Wikipedia search for Firefox Extensions

Click the “Help” link when you need a brief reminder for these settings. And I hope you enjoy the extension as much as I do.

Firefox in the Boston Globe

November 9, 2004 by debbie T | Firefox Browser

With the official release of Firefox 1.0 today, the Boston Globe included an article Web Power to the People which discusses Firefox and a little on the open source community. I love that Firefox is becoming more mainstream!

Am I Too Fickle?

November 6, 2004 by debbie T | Firefox BrowserOpera Browser

Is it bad to be so fickle. Switching back and forth from browser to browser. I can’t make a decision on which blogging systemI like the best. One day I like one program, and the next I am back to something else.

Today, I am back to FireFox as my default browser. I love Opera, but Drag’nDrop and the ability to save form data were sorely missed while browsing. So, I imported my Opera bookmarks, and started my love affair with FireFox all over again. I found a nice clean theme (Archaic 0.2.1) and organized my workspace perfectly.

[note: The big reason I originally switched to Opera was because the Publish page for Expression Engine was displaying with a huge horizontal scroll in FireFox. Thanks to Farron, I altered the css file, and it now displays perfectly.]

Tomorrow, who knows which browser I will be using! Fickle fickle fickle!