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Am I Too Fickle?

November 6, 2004 by debbie T | Firefox BrowserOpera Browser

Is it bad to be so fickle. Switching back and forth from browser to browser. I can’t make a decision on which blogging systemI like the best. One day I like one program, and the next I am back to something else.

Today, I am back to FireFox as my default browser. I love Opera, but Drag’nDrop and the ability to save form data were sorely missed while browsing. So, I imported my Opera bookmarks, and started my love affair with FireFox all over again. I found a nice clean theme (Archaic 0.2.1) and organized my workspace perfectly.

[note: The big reason I originally switched to Opera was because the Publish page for Expression Engine was displaying with a huge horizontal scroll in FireFox. Thanks to Farron, I altered the css file, and it now displays perfectly.]

Tomorrow, who knows which browser I will be using! Fickle fickle fickle!

Opera Helpful Links

October 27, 2004 by debbie T | Opera Browser

Found a forum thread that lists a bunch of web sites for customizing Opera.


Is There a Perfect Browser?

October 19, 2004 by debbie T | InternetOpera Browser

A few weeks ago, I was having issues with Firefox, so I moved to Opera full-time. After fiddling and fumbling to make Opera more user-friendly to my needs, I thought I found my perfect browser.

Well, a few little imperfections have been popping up:

* Printing only a “selection” strips all formatting.
* Cannot drag ‘n drop in text boxes. Yes, this is very irritating, especially when blogging. Opera also seems to mess up my Quicktag placement in WordPress. Opera inserts chosen tag at the end of the entry box, not where the cursor is located.
* Opera doesn’t save form/text data.
* Saving an image as desktop wallpaper is sketchy. It is supposed to work, but more often than not, when I right-click on an image, the setting is not available.

There is still a lot I adore about Opera, so I don’t think I am ready to give up on it just yet. But can there be one perfect browser for me? Something that could satisfy ALL my browsing needs? Wouldn’t it be great to take favorite bits & parts of each browser and create *one* excellent super browser? I could rule the Internet!