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Thunderbird – Changing Passwords

May 1, 2004 by debbie T | InternetThunderbird Email

Today, I am getting organized want to make a sweeping change of all my email passwords for better security. But I couldn’t figure out how to change the passwords of my saved email accounts in Thunderbird. It isn’t the same situation as Outlook Express.

Here is the solution:

* In Thunderbird, choose Tools>Options>Advanced. Click the button for "Manage Stored Passwords". You can make a full change by Removing All saved passwords, or just click and remove specific ones.
* The next time mail is checked, an Alert box appears telling you that the password didn’t succeed. Click OK and a new window appears with the option to type in the new password.

New Thunderbird Icon

April 25, 2004 by debbie T | InternetThunderbird Email

Fantastic and exciting new logo created for Thunderbird Email program. See it at hicksdesign-Thunderbird. I can’t wait to try out the new versions coming soon!

Thunderbird Security Error

April 18, 2004 by debbie T | InternetThunderbird Email

Even though I can utilize my own ISP , I like to use my own domain for outgoing mail. Since I am still new to how Thunderbird Email program works, I couldn’t figure out what was causing this error message.

See screenshot of error message.

Well after troubleshooting tips from my buddy Becky, I realized that my outgoing security connection was set as “TLS if available” instead of “no” security connection.

From the Tools>Account Settings menu, scroll to the bottom for “Outgoing Server” and make sure the setting for “Security Connection” is “no”.

If you have more than one outgoing server, choose Advanced, then Edit these outgoing servers to the same setting. Screenshot available.

No more error messages!

Bloated Files in Thunderbird

April 11, 2004 by debbie T | InternetThunderbird Email

If you notice (even after deleting lots of mail files) that your main Thunderbird profile folder is still bloated. Check out this post on the MozillaZine Forums. Basically if you run File>Compact on a specific folder (while in Thunderbird) it will permanently remove your deleted files and it will bring your profile folder’s size down.

I like a small compact folder because I zip up the specific profile folder, and upload it for safe keeping onto my storage web site.

Here are a couple more posts on the subject as well:
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ThunderBird Email – Extensions!

February 19, 2004 by debbie T | InternetThunderbird Email

Before you can install extensions for Thunderbird, you must first download the extension to your hard drive. In example, for the Get All Messages extension, right-click and save to disk. While TB is open, Tools>Options>Extensions, click on “Install New Extension” and navigate to the file you just saved.

Two more extensions I found rather interesting for Tbird were Weather and Calendar. Very neat!