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Running Windows XP With Leopard Bootcamp

March 17, 2008 by debbie T | Mac SoftwareWindows on the Mac

I decided it was time to install Windows XP on my Mac. Ugh, yeah, I know, not something I wanted to do, but something I needed to do.

I keep a Windows XP desktop in my home office so I can run MS Money, and check web designs in Windows browsers. Problem is, I spend most of my time in our family room downstairs, and away from my office. So, my financial postings become behind because I don’t want to use the desktop upstairs.

So, I picked up a copy of Windows XP from NewEgg.com and installed it (last Saturday afternoon).

Oh I had forgotten how clunky Windows installer is. And the interface is just so ugly. But that is beside the point. I got the settings the way I like ’em, and I installed MS Money.

Now I am disappointed because I realized that Apple neglected to create drivers to allow tap click on the track pad. sigh. How annoying.

Looks like I am not alone in this complaint, and the craziest thing is that trackpad tap click WAS included in a prior Bootcamp beta; Parallels and VMWare have enabled it, so why can’t Apple?

So now, because I use my MacBook Pro’s touch pad when I am downstairs in the family room, it is way more annoying to run Windows XP than it should be. Upstairs in the office, I use my Wacom tablet, so it doesn’t matter, but darn it! I want to be able to use the same helpful hardware functions in Windows just as I do in Mac OS X.

But other than that, Windows is Windows. I am not planning on running Anti-virus or spyware because I will not be connected to the Internet very often, and when I do it will be using Ethernet, not wireless access. I was planning on installing a couple of card games, but now I am not sure. Being forced to use the button instead of the trackpad to click is really annoying.

I really don’t want to consider a virtual Windows environment since I really don’t need to use that many Windows programs, so for now, I will hope that Apple fixes this issue. Although I doubt it, since Mac users have been complaining (and requesting) this function since last October.