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Nosillacast – the best slightly Macintosh biased podcast around

November 25, 2008 by debbie T | Mac CornerPodcasting

I have been listening to Allison Sheridan and the Nosillacast podcast for a couple of years now. Today, I was wishing I could remember where and when I first learned about her show; All I could remember was that it was mentioned on another podcast.

So, I searched here on my blog, hoping I was smart enough to write some sort of article about it. Yay! I found it!


On Feb 28, 2006, I wrote an article regarding “real life reviews of the new Macbook Pro” and wouldn’t you know it, I wrote this about Allison and the Nosillacast:

Heard another MacBook Pro review from a listener on the MacCast podcast for 2/27. It just so happens the reviewer also has her own podcast, called NosillaCast. – it is also a mostly Mac podcast, and I just subscribed today. Her review was very articulate and honest, and I was impressed with her comments on Spotlight.

Ha! How lucky that I had the forethought to blog about Allison; it’s nice to look back and remember why I love her show so much. And she’s not just a great podcast host, she has become a great friend.

And yes, she is still articulate and honest, and funny as ever. Her shows have become better and better, and I look forward to my Sunday night download. The Nosillacast is the first podcast show I listen to on Monday mornings driving to work.

Her weekly “Chit Chat Across the Pond” with Bart Busschots is both delightful and informative. Bart explains complicated security issues in plain English so it’s easy to understand.

There isn’t enough time to describe why I love the Nosillacast. The best advise I can give is check it out yourself. If you don’t laugh out loud at her humorous take on life (and Macs), then I don’t know what to tell you!! Or maybe it’s just me and my silly sense of humor…well, me and all her other fans!

So, a big shout out to my buddy Allison. Keep up the good work, girl. I hope you will be creating new material for many years to come! I know I will be listening!

PS. Allison also is a regular contributor on the Mac Roundtable Podcast.

PhotoNetCast – photography podcast

November 9, 2008 by debbie T | Digital PhotographyPodcasting

Found another photography podcast.


Downloading episodes now. After I listen to the Nosillacast, I will have to check this one out!

Fantastic Bird Photography Website

September 27, 2008 by debbie T | Digital PhotographyPodcasting

I found an inspiring bird photography web site the other day. It was referenced on a recent TWiP podcast show, which also included an interview with Arthur Morris.

BirdPhotograhers.net is almost too good. The photos are incredible, and there is so much to learn about nature photography.

I am still a beginner when it comes to birding and bird photography; I don’t know if I will ever be as wonderful as some of the photographers on BirdPhotograhers.net but it’s fun to keep trying.

White Throated Sparrow

Nosillacast Podcast

September 4, 2007 by debbie T | iPhotoMac CornerMac SoftwarePodcasting

I have mentioned the Nosillacast podcast before, but it deserves another mention. Allison is a wonderful host. I don’t have as much time to listen to podcasts as I used to, but I always make time for the Nosillacast podcast. She releases a new show every Sunday, and I look forward to listening on the way to work Monday.

She pegs her podcast as a “Technology Geek Podcast with an Ever So Slight Macintosh Bias.” Yes, she is an ardent Mac user, but she is also a car care fanatic (by her own admission), a new iPhone user, a software tester, a photographer, and all-round good natured humorous chick.

I enjoyed this week’s show #110, not just because of Allison’s fun banter about Palm OS, car polish, or jump starting her hubby’s car. I was pleased to hear the iPhoto 08 review from Bart Busschots. That is the beauty of Allison’s podcast, she shares the spotlight with others that send in audio reviews and comments.

Anyway, take a listen to the Nosillacast. She makes my drive to work more entertaining!

New Amazon Unbox

September 10, 2006 by debbie T | InternetMac CornerPodcasting

The other day I heard about “Unbox“, the new Amazon movie download service, and was a little disappointed to hear that they are not supporting Macs or iPods. Sounds kind of stupid to me, especially since Apple is strongly rumored to be announcing their own movie download service (coming possibly this Tuesday the 12th)

And now, Tom from the Buzz Out Loud podcast spoke about his disturbing experience with the Unbox software that’s required before you can use the service. Besides the sneaky spyware tendencies, it forces you to sign into your account (online) before you can even uninstall the software. Listen to the 09/08/06 podcast for more details. Also read his official review at CNet.

Now, I love Amazon, but this sounds like crappy business practices to me!

More Web Resources:

* www.tuaw.com
* Digg.com
* Uninnovate.com

Lullabot Drupal Podcasts

July 19, 2006 by debbie T | Content ManagementPodcasting

Drupal has always been very intimidating to me, but I have heard many raves, so I always felt like I was missing out on something.

I don’t know why I haven’t heard about the Lullabot Drupal podcasts, since they were first available in January, but I am now subscribed to both their audio and video podcasts.

The WordPress Podcast

July 15, 2006 by debbie T | PodcastingWordPress

Besides the newly released WordPress Visual QuickStart Guide book by Maria Langer and Miraz Jordan, I was happy to hear about a new WordPress Podcast as well.

WordPress is really an awesome blogging, CMS and I can’t wait to learn more complex features. I guess I consider myself an intermediate user, but there is so much more to learn. I ordered the WordPress book from bookpool.com and it should be here on Tuesday.

Dan Cederholm on Inside the Net

April 26, 2006 by debbie T | CSSPodcastingWeb DesignXHTML

This week, Dan Cederholm from Simple Bits was the guest interview on the Inside the Net podcast.

I think this has to be one of my all time favorite podcast interviews. Dan is so down to earth and it’s refreshing to hear conversation about standards and web design.

Mac OS Ken Podcast

March 3, 2006 by debbie T | Mac CornerPodcasting

I was a big fan of Ken Ray back when he was the daily news podcaster over at Inside Mac Radio show. When he and Laura Burstein left Inside Mac, I was really bummed. I was never a big fan of the longer Saturday show, and it appeared that the daily show was non-existent…so I unsubbed from the podcast.

Well, the other day I found out that Ken Ray (and Laura) were back with a daily Mac news podcast called Mac OS Ken and it is every bit as good as the original, if not better! Okay, yes it is better!

Ken’s wit is wonderful, and I really missed hearing a daily Mac news show! Hurray!

As for Inside Mac Radio/TV, by chance I was reading the reviews at iTunes, and I have never seen so many bad reviews. Looks like I wasn’t the only one that was disappointed in the direction of the show.

The Onion Daily News

February 18, 2006 by debbie T | PodcastingRamblings

This has nothing what-so-ever to do with technology, but I felt compelled to post a miscellaneous rambling on The Onion Daily News. I first heard the Onion on the Howard Stern radio show a few years ago. Recently the Onion has started their own podcast.

I beg my husband to listen to some of the short clips, and I am surprised he doesn’t enjoy them as I do. We both have a juvenile sense of humor, and love gross-out silly stupid teen comedy. But he just looks at me blankly while I giggle hysterically.

The Onion takes a simple topic, and puts a strange spin on it; I find them refreshing, but no, the content is not for everyone. Do not listen if you are offended by silly mindless humor. There have even been a few clips that offended me (such as the Abusive Obsessive clip) so be warned.