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Mac Roundtable Podcast

February 2, 2006 by debbie T | Mac CornerPodcasting

Last week, I enjoyed listening to the inaugural show of the new Mac Roundtable podcast. Steve Stanger from the Mac Attack podcast, Tim Verpoorten from The Mac Reviewcast, and Joseph Nilo from Mac Pro Podcast got together to talk about Mac.

This week show #2 included Adam Christianson from the MacCast podcast. It is great to hear my favorite Mac podcast hosts talking together about Macs. I don’t know how often they will be releasing new shows, but I hope it is weekly.

I think there will eventually be a separate feed for the roundtable shows, but for now, you can find feeds from any of their own show web sites.

Podcasting Withdrawal

January 31, 2006 by debbie T | Podcasting

Everyday, I bring my iPod into work, and listen to podcast shows on my Logitech mm22 portable speakers. Well today, unfortunately, I left my iPod sitting on my desk at home, and felt absolutely bored and bleek at work. I had a sneaking feeling I was truly addicted, but today I found out how deep my addiction really was.

I tried listening to David Lee Roth’s new talk show (he’s the Howard Stern replacement here in Boston on WBCN) and that was horribly useless. I wasn’t happy and actually considered driving home to find my precious iPod. But I just sucked it up and trudged through my 5 hours at the office, vowing never to leave my iPod at home again.

Yes, I am not proud of my sickness, but I figured that it was something I needed to admit. Thanks for listening!


MacBreak Video Podcast

January 27, 2006 by debbie T | Mac CornerPodcasting

MacBreak is finally here! Great coverage of this year’s Macworld Expo. A lot of fluff, but also a lot of fun too. I just love Leo Laporte. He is a gem, and it is so exciting to see a Mac vidcast.

They started with daily 1 minute tips on the web site a couple of months ago, and for some reason they removed them. I hope the new shows will be more like that format.

Oh and the first show can’t be found at the official MacBreak web site, right now it can be found at twit.tv. But there is a link to subscribe through iTunes.

Blind Access Journal

December 2, 2005 by debbie T | PodcastingWeb Design

The other day, I was reminded to take the time to listen to The Blind Access Journal podcast. I was meaning to check into this web site, ever since I heard him on the TWIT podcast a couple of weeks ago.

Favorite Podcasts (Revisited)

November 16, 2005 by debbie T | Mac CornerPodcasting

Now that I have been listening to podcasts for several months now, I have a better idea of which podcasts I really like, which ones I don’t like, and which ones I still subscribe to, but don’t listen to. Most of my favorites are Mac podcasts, and all but one are Tech podcasts.

For those that are unfamiliar with the term “podcast” you can find a definition at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcast

I will start with a list of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. These are the ones that I listen to fairly quickly as soon as a new show arrives in my iTunes folder.

* This Week in Tech – http://www.thisweekintech.com/
* The Mac Attack – http://themacattack.us/
* The Mac Cast – http://www.maccast.com
* Command N – http://www.commandn.tv (video cast)
* Diggnation – http://revision3.com/diggnation (video cast)
* Leo Laporte – the KFI Tech Guy – http://leoville.tv/radio/pmwiki.php
* Security Now – http://www.grc.com/securitynow.htm
* Inside Mac Radio – http://www.osxfaq.com/radio/ ( I like the daily shows a little more than the weekly Saturday show)
* O’Reilly Network Podcasts – http://odeo.com/channel/7931/view
* MacWord – http://www.macworld.com/topics/podcasting/index.php
* Mac ReviewCast – http://macreviewcast.com/
* Techphile – http://www.techphile.ca/
* Mac Fixit – http://www.macfixit.com/podlinks/
* K9Cast – http://k9cast.com/ (this is the only non-tech podcast subscription I have)
* Digital Life TV – http://digitallifetv.com/blogs/digitallifetv/default.aspx (video cast)
* The Mac Observer (TMO) Mac Geek Gab – http://www.macobserver.com/podcast/

This next list includes the podcasts I subscribe to, but don’t always listen to as quickly as the first list.

* Screencasts Online – http://www.screencastsonline.com/ (this is an excellent visual tutorial podcast, I wish I had more time to catch up and watch them all. They are excellent detailed tutorials.)
* MacTV – http://live.watchmactv.com/ (Excellent video cast)
* The MUG Center – http://www.mugcenter.com/
* Tech Talk with Jack – http://podcasts.talktechwithjack.com/
* Pro-PHP – http://www.pro-php.com (video and audio)
* iLounge – http://www.ilounge.com/
* LinuxQuestions – http://www.linuxquestions.org/
* One Minute Tip – http://radio.weblogs.com/0141930/
* Photoshop Radio – http://photoshopradio.blogspot.com/ (audio)
* Photoshop TV – http://www.photoshopguys.com/ (video)
* HIT Weekly – http://www.hitweekly.com/ (video cast)
* Linux Links – http://tllts.info/index.php

And there are some subscriptions I keep just because you never know… ( I guess I am a pack rat and can’t throw anything out. )

* NPR – http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast/podcast_directory.php
* Media Artist Secrets – http://www.mediaartistsecrets.com/
* Make Magazine – http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/make_podcast/
* MacPhilly – http://macphilly.com/wordpress/
* WebDev Radio – http://www.webdevradio.com/
* BoagWorld – http://www.boagworld.com/
* The Prepared Mind – http://www.thepreparedmind.com/pm/
* The Command Line – http://cmdln.net/
* Rick’s Camera Review – http://rickscamerareview.blogspot.com/
* CradCast – http://cradcast.blogspot.com/
* RootSmart – http://www.podcast.rootsmart.com/
* Effective Website Secrets – http://www.effective-website-secrets.com/index.shtml

I started a podcast page over at delicious:

Vote for your favorite podcasts at http://www.podcastalley.com/ – it is also a good place to find podcasts in different categories. I like searching here much better than on iTunes. iTunes search is deplorable.

The Mac Attack

November 4, 2005 by debbie T | Mac CornerPodcasting

Thanks to Steve for the mention on The Mac Attack podcast #13. It is such a terrific podcast and I am a huge fan. I recommend this podcast to anyone switching over to the Mac, and even those that are long time Mac users.

Check it out at http://www.themacattack.us.

My Favorite Mac/Tech Podcasts

August 2, 2005 by debbie T | Mac CornerPodcasting

Even before I received my new Mac Powerbook, I was online trying to learn all I could about Mac computers and OS X.

Last week I fell into the wonderful (addictive) world of podcasting and in particular Mac podcasts. Podcast subscriptions are easy to manage on iTunes. I keep my iPod updated with the latest and listen to a bunch of podcasts at work.

So far my favorite Mac (or Tech) podcasts:

* The MacCast
* Inside Mac Radio
* Surf-Bits Mac ReviewCast
* This Week in Tech (TWIT)

There are a few more I am checking out, but these are the ones that I really like.